As mass graves continue to be dug, communities in Brazil are attempting to stop the spread of coronavirus which has so far devastated the country – with many …


50 thoughts on “Coronavirus: 'The worst may be yet to come' in Brazil

  1. There is a video of the president of Brazil and his ministers that the media released and the minister of foreign affairs said that we are going to enter a post pandemic for the NEW WORLD ORDER 6⃣6⃣6⃣

  2. Brazil! How can I not this beautiful country?
    But my love Brazil doesn't deserve.
    So much wealth and at the same time how much poverty.
    Amazing people, magnificent language, Unforgettable landscape, fertile lands, exotic cuisine and an Amazing and unique nature.
    The good things about Brazil end up there, And from then We fell downhill in a land of disorder, bureaucracy, corruption, and insecurity,
    I hope these difficult days will become easier at some point, not just for the pandemic, but for everything.
    I really hope I can one day be proud to love Brazil, but for now this love is unlikely.

  3. Sadly, Brazil is going to surge and become the second worst affected place behind the US. The healthcare system is about to collapse.

    Brazil doesn't deserve this. Bolsonaro is a total lunatic and many Brazilians are now petrified – even those who voted for him.

  4. We have ruined religion and forgot god. This happens to remind us that humans are not superior. A tiny virus is stronger creation than us. We as human should be humble and should live by gods law. Praying for the world

  5. We thought we could be arrogant turn this planet into a dumpster but now mother nature is striking back the coronavirus only exists because of the way we treated bats The Wrath of this virus is yet to come

  6. I am Brazilian. Bolsonaro is THE BEST President we have ever had. Socialists hate him because he defends Christian values and principles, as Family, Freedom, Brazil, and God! 🙏🇧🇷🙏

  7. Poor stupid President Bolsa is making retardants look 👀 bad, he was the first retardant ever elected in Brazil 🇧🇷 now he will be destroyed by his own lack of brains 🧠.

  8. Its the result of the country when people of the country voted a man who doesn't capacity or love to save his own fellows country man. What a shame society we living in!

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