With senior adviser Dominic Cummings confirming that he will not resign, and never considered doing so, Sky New’s Beth Rigby asks how will this affect the …


50 thoughts on “Dominic Cummings: Can the government fix the damage?

  1. Easy fix, fire Cummings end of debate.

    But has Boris Pinocchio Johnson the guts to do the right thing or will he fall back on his usual line, of lying through his teeth

    Lockdown is over now its one long bank holiday, as the government and police have lost all public support

  2. That journalist, Beth Rigby’s questioning is absolutely brutal and to the point! Excellent journalism though . I would like to hear question Trump! She will have a field day

  3. At least the Russians taught him something!
    Don't take the English too seriously!
    As someone once said at a 'CON' Conference.
    "The lady's not for turning".

  4. Brexit was won by intervention from Russia. The report (remember that?) will never be published. Cummings has other severely compromising information on Johnson.

  5. The question is why are people so 'outraged'?? I dont get the mass hysteria. Please explain to me how him taking his 4 year old son to his parents place affected your life personally? Becusae it hasn't affected mine so I very much doubt its affected yours. Twitter mob are at it again as usual. Typical British mentality always looking to be offended by something and to be outraged by something. British peope are never happy always have to be upset and complain about something. Faux outrage.

  6. As long as people don't resist, the Government, WHO and Gates will do as they please.
    The game is up, mandatory vaccination and health passports are on the way.
    I will not be living under those rules and do not understand anyone who would

  7. Regardless of damage or not. Nothing anyone can do about it now. So why not just get on with things as a collective and stop the Political squabbling and games that have progressively became worse in the last week or two! Cummimgs can only go if he resigns which isn't happening or Boris sacks him. Boris doesn't have to face a GE for years! So this vid is pretty pointless really.

  8. Everyone other family avoids going to the parents during lockdown to not put them at risk, especially if they suspect they have it and this dork does the opposite and heads straight to them. Leads by example, lies about the reasons, thinks he can bluff his way out of it

  9. He said he stayed at his dad farm. How old is his dad 24? I genuinely believed the old should stay shielded, but again he went against his own rules.

  10. I am far from an admirer of how the government have handled the crisis but the way the MSM has turned this non-issue into a witch hunt is DISGUSTING. This video is not news, it is propaganda. Real journalists have been replaced by inferior activists who are manipulating the country’s sense-making tools and they must be taken to task.

  11. I don't know who I'm angrier with. Cummings, or the people who are going to great lengths to defend him. Seems to be the "If everyone's a hypocrite, nobody is a hypocrite" defence. We were all perfectly entitled to do what Cummings did, it's just we weren't told.

  12. The reality is, no one actually cares what Dominic Cummings did in his spare time. After all, it didn't affect anyone else. What has attracted people to this is the trash-tabloid-led prospect of a lynching, the smell of blood, and it's difficult for people of doubtful character to resist a mob attacking a victim. It's a chance to dump anger and frustration on someone. The justification (which can be any number of arbitrary reasons) comes later. I imagine these people would also celebrate a fox being ripped to pieces at a hunt. Leave the guy alone.

  13. Beth Rigby,doesn't speak for me ,or others I know…Dominic Cummings,sounds like a caring father ,not a criminal,….Beth should take her moaning,hateful finger pointing self,away,and try reporting on things that really matter,I e all the illegal immigrants entering our shores at the moment….sky and the BBC will never mention this ..sore losers the lot of them.

  14. Nothing will change in Britain in fact the situation will only get worse with time. Why? Because too many of the British public continue to trust people in government who can’t be trusted. It models Walker’s Cycle of Abuse in the form of corrupt, deceitful & self-serving narcissistic’governance’. We’ve just had approximately 5K old folk genocided in care/nursing homes & the highest COVID death rate in Europe. Yet we’re all focused on Cummings. We mustn’t lose sight of the gross negligence of the Conservative government who put money before human lives & made itself responsible for not providing PPE to NHS staff & others. Yet at the same time, they were offering loans of 1-2 billion of taxpayers money to foreign governments to
    incentivise them to buy war weapons. Stop thinking these people care about us – they don’t.

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